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Beginning Sewing Workshop

Ever wanted to hit your sewing machine? The Beginning sewing class will rebuild your relationship. Showing you how to thread, how to un thread, how to sew a denim tote bag from start to finish and how to do it graciously without hurting your new favorite home appliance. Bring your machine or use ours. All classes ll taught by designer, Haley Solar in the Junim Los Angeles design studio and boutique in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.

There is a 15$ material fee if you wish to complete a project in class and take home with you to brag to all your sew-less friends. (Payable in person credit or cash day of class)

This class can be repeated without material charge for students looking to slay the sewing game.

Sunday 9 -11am  Thursday 9 -11am  Saturday 9 -11am and 6-8pm