Fashion Design Intensive

Do you want to really know how to start your own fashion label? Taught in a real fashion studio, by a real designer, Haley will teach you the real ins and outs of the fashion business and end your program with a private session and brand consultation to get you on the path to global domination.

This is a 7 course program, to begin, book your first course time slot and your scheduling will be handled in person. This course can be completed in 7 days. 

There is a 50$ material fee that covers projects in all classes  so you can have  projects too take home with you and brag to all your sew-less friends. (Payable in person credit or cash day of class)

1 beginning sewing class (2 hours)
1 intermediate sewing classes (2 hours)
1 pattern making class (3 hours)
1 samples to production (3 hours)
1 private brand consultation with the designer (2 hours)

 book your 1st course time slot to begin