Fashion Design: 8 Course Intensive

Fashion Design: 8 Course Intensive


Do you want to really know how to start your own fashion label? Taught in a real fashion studio, by a real designer, Haley will teach you the real ins and outs of the fashion business and end your program with a private session and brand consultation to get you on the path to global domination.

This is an 8 course program customizable to each student's goals. 

There is a 50$ material fee that is included in the price when purchasing this intensive. It covers the projects in all classes so you can have projects to take home with you and brag to all your sew-less friends. 

1 beginning sewing class (2 hours)
2 intermediate sewing classes (2 hours)
2 pattern making classes (3 hours each)
1 samples to production (3 hours)
1 private brand consultation with the designer (2 hours)

Want to know where to begin with your company? Want to learn how to get your items made in Los Angeles? How to execute cost sheets, wholesale sales, showroom commissions, cutting houses, dye houses, all the houses....Book a 3 hour class with our designer and she will hold your hand and help you come up with a path to make your vision come to life. Jewelry designers welcome. 

Classes offered at 9am and at 5pm 6 nights a week

Please call / email to schedule your appointment and have a brief consultation with the designer so we can be prepared for your needs. 

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